Kill me

Tishatsu is a collection of cool new age T-shirts on blockchain, be on the lookout for recently minted tishatsu T-Shirts.You can mint yours now.

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Kill me

Techstack we use ?

Our Timeline

Road map for tishatsu T-shirt

100 holders
Tishatsu T-shirt owners will be able to name their T-shirts.
500 holders
We will be printing and sending the tishatsu T-shirt to the owner of it’s NFT.
1000 holders
We will provide the necessary files for the tishatsu T-shirt to be printed and to be used in AR app or in the metaverse.

Meet Our Team

Kill me


Kill me


Kill me


Why Us?

What makes tishatsu special ?

  • Get printed T-shirts

  • Look good in the metaverse

  • Unique and rare t-shirts as drops to early holders

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